Automatic approval

Auto-approve affiliate

We recommend turning on automatic approval of affiliate's applications for your affiliate program.

This can increase the enthusiasm of affiliates and promote your store or products earlier.

Auto-approve affiliate order

Affiliate Orders brought by affiliates will be automatically approved after this number of days (manual approval is still supported when this feature is enabled)

This number of days is set by you, and we recommend that this number of days can be equal to: average fulfillment completion time of historical orders + possible refund time.

Auto-approve affiliate orders increases your work efficiency. Don't worry, after the affiliate order is approved, if you think the affiliate order does not meet the requirements, you can also revoke the approval, and the status of the affiliate order will be changed to pending, or you can also invalidate the recommended order.

If the affiliate order is fully refunded in Shopify, RecomSale will change the status of the affiliate order to invalid, and the commission amount will also be invalid, and the bill will not include this part of the commission. If only a partial refund occurs, RecomSale will update the amount on the original affiliate order without changing the status of the affiliate order.

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