Store Credit

You can choose to pay affiliates commissions in the form of store credits, store credits cannot be withdrawn directly in monetary form, your affiliates can only redeem them for coupons, which can be used to purchase products in your store.

Set store credit redemption condition

Go to Settings > Payment Settings and you can set the redemption conditions for store credit, as well as the prefix for discount codes redeemed by affiliates.

Pay with store credit

After you generate a commission bill on the Affiliate Order menu, go to Payment, select the pending commission payment you want to pay the commission for, and then select Pay with store credit.

After checking the commission bill details, click Confirm and send credit, the commission bill will be paid successfully and the commission on the bill will be added to the affiliate's store credit balance in the form of points.

Affiliates can view their balance in Payments > Store Credits and redeem it for coupons at any time to use on products in your store.

In addition, you can also check the affiliate's store credit status in Affiliate Details.

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