PayPal Payout

In order to pay your affiliates directly from RecomSale, you need to integrate PayPal first. Learn how to integrate PayPal.

Pay commission with PayPal

After integrating your PayPal account, you can select the commission bill in the Payment menu and start one-click payment.

Click "Pay" and select "Pay with PayPal". You will see the bill details and payment steps in the pop-up window.

After verifying the bill details, enter the email information that PayPal will send to the payee, and the Google Authentication code, or payout password (depending on the security method you have set up in your PayPal integration).

If you need to enter Google Authentication code, open the Google Authentication app on your phone > enter the numeric code that appears on your phone's screen.

Google verification code are refreshed every 30 seconds.

Finally, click Confirm and send money and PayPal will start processing your payment.

Review your payment history

You can check your payment status in the Payment menu.

If the PayPal payment is successful, you will see the Payment status as Paid in Paid Payments;

If PayPal is processing your payment, you will see Payment status as Processing in Pending Payments. You can refresh later to view status updates;

If the PayPal payment fails, you will see the Payment status as Failed in Pending Payments. You can click the icon next to it to view the reason for the failure.

Your affiliate will see the paid payment in the affiliate portal and will be able to view bill details.

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