Common Terms

Commonly used terms in RecomSale

1. Affiliate program

Before doing affiliate marketing, you need to create a program in RecomSale, in which you need to set up commission rules, mainly including commission rate.

2. Affiliate sign-up page

After you install our app, RecomSale will automatically generate affiliate sign-up page for your brand. You can add it to your store menu to start recruiting members, ambassadors and influencers. Also, you can share this link when inviting influencers via social media or emails.

3. Affiliate cooperation status

The status of the affiliate's cooperation with the program includes Pending, Approved, Denied, and Stopped. Only approved affiliates can promote your store or products. Affiliates who have stopped their cooperation cannot continue to promote your store or products, but the affiliate orders and commission bills that have been generated will not be affected.

Affiliate links include store links and product links. Affiliates will use these links to promote your stores or products, and any order placed through this link will become an affiliate order.

5. Cookies duration

Cookies duration is the maximum number of days between the last click and the order (usually 30-90 days), after a customer clicks on a affiliate's promotional link, RecomSale will record an affiliate order when the customer places an order using the same device and browser during that time and does not use another member link when placing the order. After this number of days, no clicks and referral orders will be recorded.

6. Affiliate's discount code

Another way for your affiliates to promote besides links. When a customer places an order via affiliate's discount code, RecomSale will record the affiliate order and commission.

7. Affiliate order

Any order made by customers thanks to affiliate will be counted as a affiliate order.

8. Commission refund order

The affiliate order has paid the commission, but in the end the customer refunds, and the promoter needs to refund the commission. The commission that needs to be refunded will be deducted in the next payment to protect your rights.

9. Commission bill

In the "Payments" menu, merchants can click "Generate Bills", and the system will change the status of the approved affiliate order to unpaid, and then calculate the pending commission bills based on the unpaid affiliate order and commission refund orders.

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