PayPal integration

Why should you pay with PayPal?

PayPal is a fast, convenient and secure way to pay online. You can use PayPal to send money domestically and internationally. Compared to bank transfers, PayPal seems to have the advantage of speed, convenience, and variety of options.

PayPal makes it easy to pay commissions to your affiliates, who simply provide their PayPal email address to receive their commissions.

Setup steps

Step 1: Enable your PayPal Payouts

Go to the PayPal Developer Portal and log in to your PayPal account using your email address and password.

Then click on Account Name in the upper right corner of the portal and select "My Account".

Click the switch in the upper right corner to turn sandbox mode into real-time mode.

On the "My Account" page, scroll down to the "Permissions" section > "Payments". Click the "Enable..." link and provide the information required for PayPal activation.

According to PayPal's policy, if you are in the United States, PayPal will send you an email to notify you that they are reviewing your request. (It may take PayPal a few hours to a few days to process this request, but you can continue with the remaining steps while PayPal reviews your information.)

If you are outside the United States, you will need to contact the PayPal customer service team by referring to the image below to request this payment feature.

You'll be redirected to the PayPal Customer Service team. On the Contact page, scroll down and click on Call us or Message Center > New Message (you might need to log in to your PayPal account), then initiate a chat with their team and tell them you want to enable Payout permissions so they can assist you further.

Based on your communication with PayPal, they will send you an email letting you know that your request is under review. Once you are approved, the API will be marked with a check mark indicating that the Payouts API is live.

Step 2: Create app

Go to App and Credentials and click Create App:

Enter the app's name (e.g. RecomSale), and click Create App in the pop-up window.

You will then see your Client ID and Secret, which will be used in the next step.

Then scroll down to the Features section, check the Payout option, and click Save Changes.

Step 3: Start integration:

Go back to RecomSale App > Settings > Payment settings and click Set up

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you obtained in the previous steps:

Step 4: Select your preferred payout security method and complete the setup

There are 2 security methods to choose from, Google Authentication and Payout password.

Confirm payout via Google Authentication app:

The Google Authentication app is a common and secure payout method. Whenever you pay a commission bill via PayPal within the app, you will need to enter a code generated by the Google Authentication app on your phone.

  1. First, you need to download the Google Authentication app to your phone. You can download it through the App Store or Google Play.

  1. Scan the QR code using the Google Authentication app or enter the private key we provided and click Next

  1. Enter the Google verification code displayed on your phone and click Finish to complete the integration setup process.

Confirm payout via payout password:

Confirming payments directly via payout password is a convenient and secure method of payment, and whenever you pay a commission bill via PayPal within the app, you can simply enter your password to make the payment.

  1. Select Payout password as payment method

  1. Set your payout password and confirm

Please make sure that the password must be 8-16 characters and include at least one number and one special character/symbol.

  1. Enter the OTP code sent to your email address and finally click "Finish" to complete the integration setup process.

Once you have successfully set up your PayPal integration, you can select the commission bill in the Payment menu and start one-click payment.

We have completed the PayPal integration process. Learn how to make one-click payout with PayPal within the app.

Please note that PayPal charges a transaction fee on payments. You can check the transaction fees charged by PayPal here.

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